Religious Education

We have been called to serve not to be served ~ Matthew 20:28

Christian faith is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, making of oneself a disciple of Jesus.  This demands a permanent commitment to think like him, to act like him and to live as he lived.  In this way the believer unites himself to the community of disciples and lives the faith of the Church.

Faith is a gift from God.  It can only be born as a completely free response to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who moves the heart and turns it towards God, and who makes it easy to accept and believe the truth.

Saint Margaret Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) offers religious instruction to all children in kindergarten through eight grade.  Class sizes range from 15 to 20 children and meet weekly or monthly during the school year.  Please read the description of both programs carefully before choosing the program which best suits your family's commitment level.

Parents are expected to take an active role in their child's faith formation by speaking to them often about the topic dicussed in class and studying with them the materials in their text book.  Weekly mass attendance is a requirement for the faith development of each child and family in our program. Please fulfill your obligation, as their first and foremost teachers of the Catholic faith, by bringing the children to mass and religion classes.

Parent Safe Environment Fact Sheet

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