Campaign Memorial Opportunities


Saint Margaret of Antioch *Cost Donor
New Patio in front of the Church $50,000  
New Sacristy $30,000  
New Entrance hall to the Sacristy and elevator $25,000  
Baptism Font $20,000  Stephen & Teresa Gilmartin
Stained Glass Window Restoration    
St. Agnes $15,000  
Christ the King $15,000  
Blessed Mother $15,000  Knights of Columbus Tribune Council
St. Patrick $15,000  Mike Dillon & Family In Memory of Mary Dillon
St. Francis of Assisi $15,000 Bonnie & Stephen Thompson
St. Joan of Arc $15,000  
Blessed Kateri Tekawitha $15,000  
St. Elizabeth of Hungary $15,000  
Baptism Window (to be placed in a new prominent setting) $15,000  


All of the above donations will be recognized by a special plaque with the dedication and donors' name.  These plaque will be prominently displayed at the location of the donated item.  Please contact the Campaing Office if you would like to have a Stained Glass Window dedicated to you or your family.

*The cost of a memorial is not set by its actual cost but by its privilege of designation.