Campaign Case Statement

Our parish Church is the center of our parish community life.  Through only a structure of stone and mortar it has served us as a place of worship, a place where we gather, and a place where generations of families have celebrated the major sacramental events in their lives.  Our challenge now is to continue as have generations before us to maintain this very special place, where God and humanity come together in prayer and in hope. It falls to us to insure that this structure continues this task well into the future.

New Elevator: In an effort to allow all of our parishioners to share in worship services, we need to install a new elevator system which will provide accessibility for the handicapped and elderly to the Church, Toner Hall, and Choir Loft.  The plan is to construct an exterior tower on the rectory side of the church.  This tower, which will match the present tower, will house the new elevator apparatus, and will include an indoor lobby area.  An outdoor patio will be built to allow for easy access to the lobby and also provide an outdoor meeting space for our parishioners.  The elevator will have four stops: Toner Hall, Street Level, Church Level, and Choir Loft.

Church Roof: Our church roof is in desperate need of repair and in some areas replacement.

Church Exterior: Age and time have taken a toll on our beautiful church building.  We need to point our bricks and repair our external stairs.  This situation has resulted in leakage into Toner Hall and the side staircase are now unsafe.

Exterior Parish Lighting:  For safety and security reasons, we must improve the exterior lighting around the church. COMPLETED

Stained Glass Windows: Our priceless stained glass window are in desperate need of repair and resetting in order to preserve their integrity.

Parking Lot: Our parking lot must be repaired, resurfaced, realigned and made safe for the use by the children. COMPLETED

Sound System: It is important for our entire community to share in the celebration of the Eucharist; therefore we wish to update the sound system to enhance our worship experience.  The present system is so sold that it is impossible to obtain new parts for repair. COMPLETED

Telephone System:  The telephone system of the Parish Center, rectory, and school is old and outdated.  It must be upgraded immediately. COMPLETED

Church Painting: Once all the restoration and renovation work has been completed, we wish to pain the interior of the church.

Rectory and Parish Center: To provide up to date living quarters to our priests and meeting rooms for all occasions.